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Going Analog Podcast

Jul 13, 2023

Forget Terminators. The thing about artificial intelligence that you should be worrying about is how it's creeping into the creative aspects of board-game-making.

Plaid Hat Games Marketing Manager Niki Shults and Multimedia Director (and newly minted game designer of Freelancers: A Crossroads Game) Donald Shults join our podcast this week to tell us about how A.I. is being talked about around the office. We also take a closer look at the publisher's "Crossroads" system and chat about about how our non-board-game hobbies affect our board gaming.


  • 5:49 - Christina's game pick: Next Station: London. 
  • 8:55 - Niki's game pick: Mountain Goats. 
  • 13:37 - Donald's game pick: Skate Summer. 
  • 17:42 - Christina's topic: The evolution of Plaid Hat's "Crossroads" system.
  • 35:28 - Niki's topic: The rise of A.I. in the board game space.
  • 47:05 - Donald's topic: Have your hobbies influenced what board games you play?