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Going Analog Podcast

Aug 24, 2023

Hosting this podcast isn't all just fun and, wait, it actually is! Check out this episode for our impressions of a hilarious adventure game where monsters thrive in a human-less world, a deckbuilding game with cute robots smashing each other, the sequel to our favorite logic-deduction game, a roll-and-write version of Tetris, and two party games (one involving literal junk and the other guessing your friends' D&D-style alignments).


  • 1:45 - Freelancers.
  • 12:19 - Trash Talk.
  • 19:49 - The Search for Lost Species.
  • 27:23 - Kiss the Goblin.
  • 31:10 - Robot Quest Arena.
  • 37:28 - Number Drop.