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Going Analog Podcast

Dec 15, 2022

We're back from chilly Philly where the PAX Unplugged board game convention just wrapped up. It's our fourth con of the year -- you'd think we've seen it all by now but nope! There were still plenty of new board games to discover and try out.

With us to discuss the show are Kasey Girven (better known as Brain in a Jar) and Miguel Plylar-Moore (aka Johnny Deathhawk). They create/stream board game content -- and she's a neuroscientist! And they love to talk board gaming, so have a listen as we discuss...


  • 3:29 - Shoe's game pick: Deal with the Devil
  • 12:34 - Kasey's game pick: Electropolis
  • 21:47 - Miguel's game pick: Bitoku
  • 32:56 - Kasey's topic: The most exciting or promising games we saw at PAXU that aren't out yet
  • 55:34 - Miguel's topic: The games we were surprised to see at PAXU and the ones we wish were there
  • 1:05:50 - Shoe's topic: How does PAXU stack up to other board game cons?