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Going Analog Podcast

Oct 19, 2023

Let's be honest: We'll make any excuse to talk with Elizabeth Hargrave, the Kennerspiel-winning designer of Wingspan, Mariposas, and Tussie Mussie. So our current excuse? We wanted to talk to her about her soon-to-be-released The Fox Experiment (published by Pandasaurus) and Undergrove (by AEG). So now we can nerd out about how Elizabeth marries a (usually) nature-related theme to game design -- and all the random things we've learned about the world and each other while board gaming.


  • 2:13 - Going Analog's pick: Virtual Revolution.
  • 6:26 - Elizabeth's pick: The Search for the Lost Species.
  • 13:56 - Going Analog's topic: Behind the scenes of Elizabeth's design process.
  • 26:27 - Elizabeth's topic: What have you learned (about the world, yourself, or your friends) from games?