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Going Analog Podcast

Nov 18, 2021

We love playing games in-person! But sometimes you want to scratch that board-gaming itch for a few minutes in the middle of the workweek. Or during a "break." Or, well, all the damn time. Playing asynchronously on Board Game Arena lets you do just that...a lot. Just don't tell our bosses.

Our BGA play pals Emerson Matsuuchi (designer of the Century series, Specter Ops, Reef, and the upcoming Foundations of Rome) and Jess Yi (frequent Going Analog contributor) join Christina and Shoe to gab about Board Game Arena vs. Tabletop Simulator, which games work best on the platform, and whether we can learn how to play (and enjoy) an entire game online without ever reading the rules.

Our topics this episode:

  • Jess (contributor): Board Game Arena vs. Tabletop Simulator
  • Christina (host): Which games are better on Board Game Arena, and which are worse?
  • Emerson (guest): Our experiences playing "blind" on Board Game Arena