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Going Analog Podcast

Jun 23, 2022

Johnny O'Neal, one of the brother cofounders of Brotherwise Games (publisher of Unearth, Call to Adventure, and the recently successfully funded Castles by the Sea), drops by Going Analog to discuss his design philosophy and asserts that every game needs to be shorter. We're pretty sure that's the takeaway.

We also figured the co-designer of Boss Monster (in which you play as, well, the end-of-dungeon boss monster) would have thoughts about why it's so fun to to be so bad (ahem, play the "bad guy") in games. And with Gen Con and BGG.CON coming up, what's our take on the continuing return to in-person conventions?

Topics from this episode:

  • Johnny (guest): How games end (11:18)
  • Christina (host): Playing as the "bad guy" (26:57)
  • Shoe (producer): Return to conventions (41:25)