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Going Analog Podcast

Dec 26, 2018

It’s a holiday miracle! The crew are united in person, and we dole out awards for some of board gaming’s best - and worst - distinctions of 2018. From best components, to the most disappointing sequel, to the best beige game, to the most stressful game.

Dec 12, 2018

Ryan and Malorie Laukat from Red Raven Games join us to talk about board games we want to see made into video games, the most gorgeous game artwork, what makes for a good open-world board game experience, and how games encourage us to use our imagination.

Nov 28, 2018

The OG crew are back together - in Mike’s living room! Nick has some best practices for teaching games, Shoe brings tales from a trip to BGG.CON, Christina screams about games that make us yell, and Mike gives us a hot tip on an unsung party game.

Nov 14, 2018

Jamey Stegmaier of Stonemaier Games (Scythe, Viticulture) asks what we want out of a Civilization-style game, Mike blings out his components, Christina talks games that sound lame but are actually great, and Shoe explains why we go to game conventions.

Oct 31, 2018

Tim Schafer (Double Fine) joins us to discuss why so many digital game creators are “going analog,” Shoe covers the best gateway games for video gamers, Christina talks unique game components, and Mike muses on being a responsible gaming parent.