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Going Analog Podcast

Jun 15, 2023

Maybe you've heard of that hefty game called Gloomhaven, the #1 game on BoardGameGeek for over 5 years. Or its heftier sequel, Frosthaven, the highest-funded gaming project on Kickstarter ever. We're not sure how their designer, Isaac Childres, had time to chat with Going Analog, but we weren't going to pass up the opportunity. We pick his brain on all the -havens, his upcoming plans for the franchise, modern-day crowdfunding, and his love for "dry Euros."


  • 4:03 - Shoe's game pick: Familiar Tales.
  • 7:22 Isaac's game pick: Gaia Project.
  • 13:00 - Christina's game pick: nana.
  • 15:12 - Shoe's topic: the growing Gloomhaven/Frosthaven universe.
  • 26:40 - Isaac's topic: the current state of crowdfunding.
  • 35:19 - Christina's topic: how Isaac's love of "dry Euros" plays into his design philosophy.