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Going Analog Podcast

Jun 29, 2023

Women and people of color are barely getting proper representation in the board game industry. And how about the LGBTQ+ community? Even worse.

Joining us with no shortage of opinions on this matter is Theo, aka GeekyGamerGuy. Theo's a board game content creator on the frontlines, fighting for equality and representation in this hobby he loves so much. Listen to his heartfelt thoughts on this and more.


  • 5:08 - Shoe's game pick: Ito. 
  • 9:11 - Christina's game pick: Sea Salt & Paper. 
  • 14:45 - Theo's game pick: Resist! 
  • 19:55 - Christina's topic: What are your "guilty pleasure" games?*
  • 33:11 - Shoe's topic: LGBTQ+ representation in board gaming. 
  • 51:06 - Theo's topic: Great solo games. 

*Note: Theo inadvertently called his "guilty-pleasure game" No Dice when he meant Roll Out!