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Going Analog Podcast

Feb 20, 2019

Our friend James Hudson, head of Druid City Games and the tabletop division of Skybound Games, joins us to revisit ethics in board game media, as well as answer the many questions we throw at him. Plus Christina asks how ugly game art happens, Shoe discusses the importance of story in games that don’t center around story, and Mike shares some of his favorite board game influencers.

Games we discussed -

Tidal Blades
Valor & Villainy
The Grimm Forest
The Grimm Masquerade
The Walking Dead: Something to Fear
Sorcerer City
Christina's segment: 
The Castles of Burgundy
Fairy Tile
Rising 5: Runes of Asteros
Hansa Teutonica
Shoe's segment: 
Tales of the Arabian Nights
Steampunk Rally
Brass: Birmingham
Near and Far
Above and Below
Dogs of War
Wonderland's War
Pandemic Legacy: Season 1
Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective
James's segment: 
Mike's segment: 
No games mentioned, but lots of people to follow
Final Thoughts:
Treasure Island
Rise of Queensdale
Broom Service
Broom Service: The Card Game